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If you’re looking for confirmation that hiring a coach is your next best step, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been able to help my clients land executive leadership positions, restore self confidence, better regulate emotions, and more.

Below, you'll find a few examples of results my clients have achieved in our time together.

Jon S.

Tamir exemplifies the practices he teaches. He doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear or what you want to know. He asks questions and takes the time to guide you to conclusions so you can discover them yourself. He uses current, cutting edge research and science to form his practice and he stays up to date with experts in the field. Tamir showed me how to evaluate my part in issues I was having and correct my own behavior before judging others. I’m now much better at taking the time I need to analyze a situation and ask questions to get to my point rather than responding emotionally and being dismissed.

Danita C.

When I recommend Tamir to others, I first let them know that they don’t have to show up with a plan. You can arrive in a vulnerable state, counting on Tamir to sort you out. When I began working with him I was circling in a critical state. I was in a tough space which required real talk and new direction. I knew I had to make a change. Tamir helped me to recognize that my skills, talents, and abilities were no longer warranted nor respected in my current space. He led me in developing a plan that would restore faith in self and place me on the right track. Without looking back, I put my plan into action, which led to an executive leadership role that I love.

Sherry S.

Tamir is great to work with and he was a fantastic coach and instructor of training programs. As a leader in a new department, Tamir helped me realize that just because someone corrects you, it does not mean they are right and the process of slowing down to get the whole story will help you more effectively step into the roll of leading people used to doing things “the way they have always been done.” Tamir has helped me to create a set of daily goals to remind me what is important to my leadership throughout the day, including the self-care to help me remain at the top of my game. I can’t recommend working with Tamir enough!

Numbers Don't Lie.

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of coaching clients say that they improved their self-esteem or self-confidence thanks to coaching.

(ICF Global Coaching Study)
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of individuals who receive coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills.

(Forbes, 2019)
0 %
of companies with a strong coaching culture have higher revenues than other companies in their industry.

(Human Capital Institute)
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of people would repeat the process of hiring a coach.

(ICF Global Coaching Client Study)

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