Professional Coaching Services To Unlock Your Potential.

Do you feel like you’re missing out in life, or that you’re meant to be or do more?

Are you unsure of how to go after your vision of success because it just doesn’t seem feasible for you?

Are issues in personal or professional relationships hindering your movement forward, and you don’t know how to resolve them?

I’m here to tell you that you aren’t alone. These challenges are a common part of the human experience and if unaddressed, they can lead to resentment, unhappiness, and lack of internal peace.

Whether you’re struggling with self limiting beliefs, feelings of dissatisfaction, stress, or challenging relationships, I can help you overcome these blocks with confidence and clarity, so that you can live life on your own terms.

I provide honest, no-BS coaching services, facilitated conversations, and training programs to help you finally break through and resolve the conflicts that are holding you back in life.

An Honest, No-BS Coaching Approach.

You already have the knowledge and capabilities to achieve the life you’re longing for

Together, we’ll create a plan to get you there.


Private 60-minute coaching sessions for a minimum duration of 9 months. Personalized and professional sessions that are inquiry based and client-led with goal setting and accountability each week.


Group setting with common goal and growth objectives. In group sessions, we will draw from the collective wisdom of the group. This is the perfect atmosphere for fostering a growth mindset through insightful discussions, diverse perspectives, and shared learning experiences.


This is for mediators looking to improve their abilities, better serve their clients, and make a bigger impact with their mediation practice.

Frequently Asked Coaching Questions.

Our initial session is at no charge. You and I will have a “get to know you and what you're up to” conversation so we can test the waters of our conversation-styles and connection. We get to talk about future possibilities for the outcomes you are looking for, and you get to decide if you want to work on the changes to make those outcomes a reality. From this initial discussion, if we both feel that we are a good fit, we’ll determine an ongoing schedule that meets your needs.

Every client’s needs and goals are different. Generally speaking though,
you should expect to meet biweekly for 60 minutes. When working through
long standing habits and patterns, it’s critical to not go too long between
sessions. But to also give you enough time to tackle everything from your
action plans, every two weeks is usually that sweet spot.

Again, this is purely unique for every client, but a 9 month minimum
commitment is ideal to see significant change. We are doing deep work to
change chronic thought patterns and habits, this takes time. A fitting
analogy is enlisting a personal trainer to help you achieve six-pack
abs—results won’t manifest overnight.

I am honest and direct with each of my clients. I don’t waste your time or
money by sugar-coating or filling our sessions with fluff. At the same time, I
maintain a safe and compassionate environment to explore thoughts,
feelings, and concerns. I will keep it real 100% of the time, whether we’re
crying, laughing, or dropping F-bombs.

My services are for anyone ready to tackle the hurdles in their life that
are holding them back. Due to my expertise in leadership and conflict
resolution, past clients have consisted of departmental managers, non-
profit supervisors, project leaders, and mediators who want to improve their

No, you will come to your own realizations through our work together. My
coaching will help you gain clarity and more control over your life. I’m here
to challenge your current thought patterns and to help you break free of
mental blocks that are currently holding you back.

Additional Ways I Can Help.

Facilitated Conversations.

Get the support you need to cultivate a greater impact and deeper understanding of your chosen topic. A well facilitated conversation improves the experience by providing:

Training & Workshops.

Strengthen skill sets, ignite fresh perspectives, and increase knowledge for your professional team or personal group. Available trainings and workshop topics include:

Tamir's style is calm, direct, open and curious. He has a strength of being able to "bottom-line" well and uses this to check-in and further deepen the conversation to provide enhanced value. Greatly enjoyed and benefited from my coaching work with Tamir. ~Sandra C.